5-Step Burnout Reset

Have you ever found yourself lacking the energy to do activities you once enjoyed, snapping at loved ones, or feeling a flood of dread or anxiety when your alarm goes off on a workday?

You may be experiencing signs of chronic stress, which, when unmanaged, can lead to burnout.

I've gathered the top five strategies that I've learned and practiced over the last ten years as a yoga teacher, dentist, and wellness coach, which have supported me when I feel I am on the cusp of burnout. I created this mini-course to share how I manage chronic stress and prevent burnout in my life.

In less than one hour, I will guide you through a 5-step reset that has transformed the lives of other stressed and overwhelmed professionals.

Participants who have gone through this 5-step reset report reduced stress and overwhelm and increased joy and fulfillment in all other areas of their lives. It is entirely possible to rediscover the happiness you once felt in your work so that you can continue to show up and serve your community and family.

Welcome to the 5-Step Burnout Reset!


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